To lead the local market in developing, producing and introducing Australian made architectural products.


The original brand of Industrial Expression had been in existence for 17 years… Recent new ownership meant it was time for change. INDEX + Co’s products have stood the test of time with most of the original designs still being utilised in current architectural projects.

The product range itself has continued to grow/evolve over time and will continue to do so with our desire to consistently provide the design industry with new, original and innovative architectural hardware. Existing products have been refined in their detailing which gives an architectural product that is not only practical but also beautiful to sight and touch.

What we do

INDEX + Co designs, manufactures and promotes it’s own architectural hardware and we do it well. History has shown us where improvement was needed and we have responded. We pride ourselves on prompt customer service, excellent product design and quality as well as commitment to our lead times.

We supply to a large assortment of projects, ranging from single residential dwellings to multi residential apartment buildings, small office projects through to large commercial projects. We also provide architectural hardware to hospitality, healthcare, education and other such environments, which also provides us with the opportunity to further customise our products to suit specific project needs.

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How we do it 

Our Sydney production facility, with extensively talented and efficient staff, gives us the capability to supply large quantity projects in fast lead times whilst still producing some of the best and innovative Australian made architectural hardware.