Sleek and subtle, our small 30mm wide J-Pulls such as Jill and June, peek around from on top, behind or at the side of your joinery doors. Subtle but practical, they lend themselves to any architectural project. For longer versions, check out our Medium 100mm and J-Pull XL (from 200mm) ranges.


  • 1.6mm thick stainless steel
  • Colour matched screws supplied for a premium finish
  • Standard finishes: satin stainless steel [SSS], matte black [MB], matte white [MW], satin brass [SBR], polished brass [PBR – Jill only – discontinued], satin rose gold [SRG], polished stainless steel [PSS – limited stock discontinued]
  • Minimum order: 10 units

Handle Options

JUNE (JP01) – Square edge 30mm (30° bend)
JADE (JP03) – Curved edge 30mm (30° bend)
JESS (JP05) – Circular edge 30mm (30° bend)
JILL (JP11) – Square edge 30mm (90° bend)

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