ENTRY DOOR PULL (Back to Back Set)

Don’t be square… let your entry door pull do that work for you!  The POP Square sets the scene upon your entry, making a solid statement with a big surface area in a variety of standard finishes. Team the POP Square up with your interior by using our Semi Square joinery handles.


  • Solid stainless steel construction (8mm face plate)
  • Back to back application – suitable for glass, timber or aluminium
  • Concealed fixing
  • Standard finishes: satin stainless steel [SSS], matte black [MB], matte white [MW], satin brass [SBR] and matte statue bronze [MSB]

MINI POP SQUARE (Single Stanchion)

120mm – 120POPSQ/BTB/Colour

POP SQUARE (Double Stanchion)

200mm – 200POPSQ/Colour

MAXI POP SQUARE (Triple Stanchion)

300mm – 300POPSQ/BTB/Colour
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